Kids are adviced to avoid the Over18 section, and also to pick
in the main only sites that they know about as good for kids,
and to get out of -- use the back-arrow to go back to the list
and out of a site -- anything which has anything that doesn't
look like good for kids to look at. If in doubt, talk with adults,
and know that you must be more on the alert here than when you
search over much more limited lists specially prepared for kids.
  Those adults who do not like their kids to be anywhere near
seeing what's on the full world wide web must find ways of blocking
their computer connections in many ways from some of the sites
here listed, before giving them access to
  In general:
  In going to any complex area -- and the net is a complex area --
there are, we can say, two schools of thought. One school of
thought says that you ought to be guided to the maximum, and
shielded to the maximum, by clever computer techniques. The
other school of thought says that you ought to be given 
information as to how to guide yourself, and how to shield
the computer -- such as by switching off Javascript and
switching off cookies and other such things which could be
misused -- and so, each time, you get more and more clever 
in how you relate to the net. You get adept at picking out
high-quality sites. You avoid computer viruses. And it is this
school of thought the search engine follows, for we
know, and you know, that no element of clever computer techniques
can really work to actually shield yourself and guide you fully
enough. For a beginner, it may be nice and quick with a bit of
extra guidance. But wants you to become a master in
doing what is legal and safe and good and prosperous and healthy
and right for you, by stating -- as we do -- that the quality
check is what YOU YOURSELF must do, with a shielded computer.
The lists we give you are, as complete as we have seen it
necessary, matching keyword-for-keyword on a neat selection of
all possible A..Z-words. The sequence is freely fluctuating
each time. The computer techniques are (as the slight motion
in the image above) so simple that you can -- easily -- see
what they are, you can see through them, and so you can use
them. (More about first-hand technology elsewhere on the sites.) 
  Some of the sites listed here are no longer active. Some
of the pages listed here are merely useful as a pointer to
the main page -- by taking away everything from the website
address after the first forward-slash. Some of the pages
listed here are blocked by some states because they want
to protect its citizens against illegal forms of commerce.
But no states are considering it criminal to try out different
links pages that come up in a search engine, for BROWSING is
never by itself illegal. It is the interaction with some sites
that some states have ruled out.
  Because of the enormously important activity in a 
compassionate (and also, as we say, "compassionately anarchistic")
way of the whole world wide web, we think it is important that
you gain access to it as a whole in an intelligent manner,
which is not corrupted by the temporary emotions of leaders
of some search engine companies or by the corrupt influence
of what some advertisement campaigns think is a morally
appropriate influence. The only way a search engine can shield
an interactor of the world wide web from the potentially
somewhat harmful aspects of this web is by means of shutting
down its openness to the richly important fluctuations of the
ever-shifting world wide web image and text content. In other
words, by trying to safeguard by means of computer programming,
one will have to cut out high-quality sites also, for the
nuances are too subtle.
  However, we advice this: don't be fooled when a site offers
you installations of anti-virus things which you never asked
for. Don't give any confidential information that you weren't
prepared to give, of any kind. Sites may pretend to be one
thing while actually doing other things if you get entangled
with them -- so simply look, then, if it doesn't feel to be
moral and right and good, get out of the site, quit looking
at it, look somewhere else.
  Then often, QUIT the browser, and find out how you can, in
the browser, delete all cookies, delete all private data,
reset the browser, cleanse it. Do this each session. The little
time you will have to spend in logging in to your safe good
sites, which do require login-info, several times rather than
staying logged-in for day after day you will save in knowing
that you have a safe good computer, and a cleansed browser
which is not clogged up with needless stuff. 
  So the is a moral enterprise, with a consciously
very weak filter. Every type of site that matches your keywords
will come up as options on the list. The master at using (and its related search engine starting-points,
all equal in essence) will know quickly what's what -- and
this knowing is infinitely more worth the while than any
amount of attempts to be over-clever at programming in a
search engine company can ever be.
  Please be aware that advertisements come from companies etc who
have, in general, relationships to only very few of the sites
which may be listed on a general search enquiry. The policy we
have as to advertisements is to show the same no matter what
you search on.
use SEARCH ENGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!